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Kim Kardashian will appear in American Horror Story Season 12.

Kim Kardashian will appear in American Horror Story Season 12.

Kim Kardashian is joining the Ryan Murphy Repertory Company’s film “American Horror Story season 12. On the upcoming episode of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s long-running FX anthology, titled “Delicate” and based on an upcoming book, the reality star collaborates with “AHS” alum Emma Roberts. The reality star, businesswoman, and pop culture figure has recently signed on for the 12th season of FX’s American Horror Story, in a role developed expressly for her. She joins American Horror Story performer Murphy collaborator Emma Roberts in the episode, which will be written and directed by a single writer, Halley Feiffer, in first show.

In a press, AHS co-creator Murphy stated, “I and Emma are really happy to welcome Kim to the AHS family,” and lauded Kim for being one of the world’s greatest and brightest television personalities.

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The popular TV producer and filmmaker, who is acquainted with Kardashian, is believed to have been pleased by her well-received hosting role on Saturday Night Live in 2021. They started discussing how to create a distinctive part for her first scripted TV appearance last summer. The specifics of Kardashian’s and Roberts’ roles are being kept under wraps, but this morning’s cryptic Instagram post from Kardashian, whose account has the eighth-most followers in the world, hinted to her involvement.

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But, unlike past AHS versions, there is at least something to go on. It’s turning to source material for the first time in the anthology’s existence. Delicate is the title of the season, which is inspired, at least in part, on Danielle Valentine’s upcoming novel Delicate Condition. The novel, which will be released in August by Sourcebooks Landmark, is touted as a compelling thriller about a lady who becomes persuaded that an evil character is going to tremendous efforts to prevent her pregnancy from occurring. Andrea Bartz’s cover blurb characterises Delicate Condition as “the feminist update to Rosemary’s Baby we all needed.”

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Despite the fact that Kardashian has acted in the past, this will be her most well-known project to date. However, A-list stunt casting isn’t entirely outside of the purview of AHS. When Jessica Lange was cast in season one, the show has included a steady stream of high-profile actors. In season five, Lady Gaga was notably cast after she had previously only appeared in lavish music videos, paving the path for her lucrative film career.

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