Anne Hathaway Reveals Devil Wears Prada's Sequel Isn't Coming.

Anne Hathaway Reportedly Reveals That The Devil Wears Prada’s Next Sequel Isn’t Coming.

Anne Hathaway Reportedly Reveals That The Devil Wears Prada's Next Sequel Isn't Coming

Actress Anne Hathaway, who starred in the 2006 superhit comedy film The Devil’s Wears Prada, is strongly against making a sequel to the film. She clearly says that she does not want this film to be a sequel. The Devil Wears Prada has also been nominated for two Oscars, one for Best Actress for Stripe and the other for Best Movie Costume Design. Despite this, Anne Hathaway does not want any sequel to this film. One of the reasons for the success of this film is that it has worked with big actors and actresses like Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway who have given incredible performances in this film.

Devil Wears Prada was most successful movies of 2006.

This movie is one of the most successful movies of 2006, this movie was seen and liked by people of all ages.

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Briefly tell you the story of this film that Anne Hathaway is playing the character of Andrea Sachs, a girl who plays a role of journalist, and Miranda Priestley a famous fashion designer who is played by Meryl who is a very stricked and tough type Boss is working as an assistant. The Devil Wears Prada depicts Andrea trying not to get caught up in the fashion world and the politics that comes with it, while trying to maintain good health relationships with her family, friends and boyfriend while juggling her hectic work life.

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And it is shown in the end that Andrea doesn’t like the person this job has replaced her, so she quits and decides to be with the people who have hurt her.

Anne Hathaway Reportedly Reveals That The Devil Wears Prada's Next Sequel Isn't Coming
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If seen, this film is a reflection on the importance of not losing yourself for the sake of your career.
Further Andrea realizes that the cruel world of the fashion designer is not for her and parts with Miranda after Miranda betrays Nigel and trusts her that ruins a future career for her.

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Although the story of the Devil Wears Prada film is entirely based on the adaptation and source material, there is little room left for the sequel’s story to take over. That’s why Anne Hathaway says that there is not going to be a sequel to this film, it is not going to happen in the future.

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