An emmotional massage from Cristiano Ronaldo to his country and fans. - Celebrity New Trend

An emmotional massage from Cristiano Ronaldo to his country and fans.

An emmotional massage from Cristiano Ronaldo to his country and fans.

Recently, in FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and Portugal, in which Morocco managed to make it to the Semi-finals in the FIFA World Cup with a 1-0 lead. Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo once again failed to win the FIFA World Cup title for his country.

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Only 41 minutes after the start of the match, Moroccan player Youssef En-Nesyris managed to score a goal by Heading, after which both Portugal and Moroccan players could not score a goal even after a lot of effort and due to which Morocco won by 1-0. After Portugal lost the match, Cristiano Ronaldo looked very emotional and started crying bitterly. Later, Cristiano Ronaldo put a post in his Instagram account and wrote in an emotional mood and said that I want to apologize to my countrymen, and fans around the world and he further wrote.

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Emmotional massage by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Winning the World Cup for Portugal was the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career. Fortunately, I won many titles of international dimension, including Portugal, but my biggest dream was to bring my country’s name to the highest level in the world. I fought for it. I fought hard for this dream. In the 16 years I made 5 appearances at the World Cup, always with great players and supported by millions of Portuguese people, I gave my all. I left everything on the field. I never turned my back on the fight and I never gave up on that dream.

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Sorry for Country and Fans all over the world.

Unfortunately, the dream ended yesterday. It doesn’t deserve a heated response. I just want everyone to know that much has been said, much has been written, much has been speculated, but my devotion to Portugal has not changed for a moment. I was always just another person fighting for everyone’s goal and I will never turn my back on my teammates and my country. For now, there’s nothing more to say. Thanks, Portugal. Thanks, Qatar. The dream was beautiful while it lasted… Now, it’s time to be a good counselor and allow each one to draw their own conclusions.

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